en-If you change the way you look at things ...


... the things you look at change

Transformation is a key momentum for a team. Everyone is getting energized while I am guiding teams to re-think their day-to-day business and create new ways. When the spark is generated and it allows a new vision to arise. Here I explain how to pivot the current situation for "a better one" together.  How? 

Transformation In 5 steps:

Firstly, by opening up a safe connection within the team where everyone is heard. Using a very structured process to guide teams through the change is crucial. Everyone knows where the team stands and also learns new tools to be used again later in another project. Those methods used are simple and easy to understand. Teaching and sharing bits of knowledge on the "Gemba" (on the shopfloor) are very powerful for the acceptance of the changes. We move step by step and with a clear plan with a visual digital progress dashboard. We have fun being creative while keeping in mind what the clients want- which creates high enthusiasm in the team. The transformation is very contagious around the organization.  Once a team embraces a new way and soon inspires others to go through a similar path. I love this contagiousness when other leaders are questioning me: "I want the same for my team, tell me when you can start the same process with my team?"

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"Muriel builds trust and strong relationships in the organization and people feel their voices get heard. Many people in my organization said "Muriel makes Lean fun" and everyone wanted to be part of our journey. I can recommend Muriel for any kind of Lean, 6S or org change project, she is a great partner and people's person".

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