engineer passionate by bio-pharma and supply chain

Making decisions, motivating changes, redefining the know, and having the courage to move above and beyond come naturally to me. In business as well as in my personal life. I am born in Toulouse France and have lived half my life in the Netherlands working for large international organizations. 

I started my career as an offshore engineer team leader with Schlumberger which meant the support of clients in the oilfields all over the world. An intense and exciting period of my working life that makes me thrive in my chosen career. Later I moved to Emerson and General Electric, where I worked in different managerial positions. Throughout my career, I have worked with my teams on process optimization and improvement. It has always been a motivation for me to experience the renewed (or new) energy I have been able to insert into all teams I have worked with.

I am a lean master black belt, and my motto is "The solution is in the room". I believe that there is not merely one solution, even if two problems seem to be similar - the best solution is always a combination of each individual's ideas revealed with team cooperation.

By founding this company, my focus is to follow my dreams, be able to share my expertise to bring value broadly and with that alignment enrich my personal life.


What's motivating me?

Sailing and exploring the oceans above and below the surface is my favorite way to discover our planet. At Atlantic crossings, I experienced beautiful adventures, sportively and humanly. I thrive in stepping out of my comfort zone, disconnecting and enjoy the present moment surrounded by wild nature.

I draw energy practice zen meditation and silence vipassana meditation. For me, meditation is a way to connect to my inner power and be present in my life. I am applying mindfulness actively when I am working with groups, to increase the engagement of everyone as well as attention and collaboration within the group.

My three kids are essential sources of love and energy. They are curious about the world and are open to input from different cultures, which I encourage. Currently, we are planning to travel to Japan and to sail to Croatia to be able to experience two very different cultures and landscapes. Travelling with my children, and helping them to discover the world, I not only create lasting memories, but I draw from the impulses and the experience in my work life.

To follow my sailing adventures: 👇