A digital strategy and platform in 4 steps

Elan Digital

"What can be measured, can be improved" Peter Drucker

Today with new AI developments, processes can be improved with digital applications.

It is time to integrate an efficient data operating system accessible by anyone.

To visualize the day-to-day operation of your teams, analyze and serve your clients better.

A digital strategy and platform in 4 steps

- First step: Review your digital strategy and roadmap 

- Second step: Define your organization digital platform -including applications

- Third step: A free month trial for 5 users for the digital platform and 1st application

- Last step: Review the trial month and develop the 2nd application

They say ...

"The implementation of digital tools such as e-Andon on the production lines was critical to visualize and enable the right decision each day".

Sara Lagerfelt - Site leader / VP Operations Cytiva

  1. Create digital baseline for improvements 

  2. Better serve our customers daily

  3. Enable productivity everyday

  4. Rejected/scraped products <1%

  5. Rework hours decreased by 75%


Free trial

Your Digital platform + 1 application

Up to 5 users with login access

30 days to test

0 euro/user


Your Digital platform + 2 applications

Up to 10 users 
590 euro/user 
50 euro/read-only user

Per month


Customized pricing 

For more than 10 users

For 3 or more applications