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businesses in transition.

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Elan digital platform

If you have:

- a limited IT/lean team onsite

- lack of data management and digital strategy 

- no central internal platform for data and KPI's

If you want:

- An internal scalable digital platform where your teams can centralize and find all operating data such as digital forms and all applications to run their daily activities

- Maximize ROI and accelerate implementation of each continuous improvement project

- Implement new solutions such as AI tools into a digital strategy developed by applications AI experts

Then the ELAN platform is the solution for you. We offer a scalable suite of digital solutions that enable your company to improve its performance and accelerate its digital transformation.


Transition Manager

Operational Excellence Leader

Lean Digital Leader


Muriel has a master of working with teams to achieve great business results. Especially with noticing how to encourage and coach in confidence. A delight to work with and a terrific talent for any organization.

James Horton

Operations excellence by Alstom

Muriel took the lead in 4 big improvement projects across the whole business. 

What I liked particularly is that she implements change together with the team. In the end it results in a great situation where people approach her with improvement ideas, key changes, … 

I would highly recommend Muriel if you want to have an impact in a fast and excellent manner!!! 

                         Ellen Maes

Head of Logistic & Quality/ CCG Benthuizen

Many people in my organization said "Muriel makes Lean fun" and everyone wanted to be part of our journey. I can recommend Muriel for any Lean, 6S or org change project.

She is a great partner and people's person.

Sara Lagerfelt

Vice President Operations/ Cytiva

Methods for Operational Excellence programs

Engineer Lean Master Black Belt passionate about bio-pharma and improvements

I am helping CFOs and operational teams of biopharma companies to accelerate new therapies for their patients by implementing digital continuous improvement programs based on lean, six sigma and agile scrum tools, to optimize supply chain processes, resources and production capabilities.


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