Digital program for supply chain management biopharma 

           Are you... 

  • concerned by high workload?
  • increasing your production outputs?
  • have too long cycles?
  • concerned by increasing costs?
  • experiencing lack of visibility?


Then you are in the right place ...


The digital supply chain management program covers all the activities to deliver the best product or service to the client. All internal processes from the customer's demand to delivery onsite, including external supplier's processes, are improved. 

  • Scanning current processes
  • Definition Value stream map
  • Continuous improvement strategy implementation
  • Implementation of digital control tool
  • Dedicated program leader

Main benefices of the digital program for supply chain management    

✅FOCUS ON PATIENTS: align all focus on clients and patients' satisfaction: high Net Promotor Score

✅STOP FIRE FIGHTING: Improve products and service quality continuously: reduce defects, rework hours

✅IMPROVE NOW-NOT WHEN THE CRISIS HITS: Control digitally keys performance data, financial flow: reduce costs, costs of quality, cash flow improved

✅AGILE DURING SCALE-UP: Stay fast and competitive: reduce delivery time, 100% OTD

The program defines the tactical plan for improving the supply chain to guarantee client satisfaction and maintain a good collaboration between teams by defining clear goals and objectives.

✅IMPROVE TOGETHER: Everyone contributes to an improvement team in the kaizen (change for the better) community with similar goals and objectives.

✅MAKE PROJECTS VISIBLE: offers a common digital platform where each sub-project is visible online to all and progresses digitally updated.

✅INCREASE MOTIVATION: during a changing phase, there are a lot of new tasks to adapt to together with the day-to-day workload. A lack of priorities can lead to demotivation. The program offers a clear action plan overview for everyone. The program integrates the daily spring review of the current workload and during reviews, news issues will be shared to adapt priorities accordingly if needed.

The supply chain management covers the flows of the principal activities, from customers' demands, production and till delivery.

  1. Forecast Planning 
  2. Raw material Planning - Sourcing/Procurement
  3. Production/Manufacturing 
  4. Quality/EHS 
  5. Packing Shipping 
Why is the supply chain digital program key for scale-up companies in pharma and biotechnology?

When the demand of the customer varies quickly, it is key to work with good flows, agile processes and to digitally visualize the right key data. Then by staying informed by a daily update meeting and data monitoring review, it is possible to adapt constantly to the best. A supply chain digital program guarantees constant focus, alignment from all the activities and teams to client's demand, creating resilience by allowing teams to pivot faster.

Lean Six Sigma agile and operational teams' expert

I guide and teach teams how to review the supply chain flows to find the main processes creating constraints. From a high-level process map, data will be collected to be analyzed to identify the main causes. The best solutions are defined during workout sessions using the most appropriate tools. The set of data to monitor the improvements is controlled digitally. A continuous improvement plan is defined for short-term and long-term actions. It allows the organization to stay agile to adapt to any new change. 

With the program, the teams learn new improvement tools to design the best solutions. They define an improvement plan together and digitally manage to continue to improve in the future.

How it works

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