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Lean-to grow 

Industry: Healthcare Life Sciences Cytiva | Sector: Production & Supply chain | Products: Centrifuges and Accessories for T-Cell Therapy labs and hospitals | Country: Switzerland

Scope: Implementation Lean & Continue improvement strategy by a family company

My mission was to build the foundation of lean and continuous improvements in an original family own company lately integrated within a large corporation. The challenges were multiple as the employees were used to working within a vertical organization, in firefighting mode daily and without a solid process to handle changes. They had limited time to concentrate on improvements and had no clear vision of how to handle the current situation with client demand increasing exponentially every month. They were facing infrastructure re-organization for one year and were reductant to more changes. 

The first step for me was to make the teams realize how I could help them in short term with daily issues and then in the longer term to overcome the situation using lean methodology. I have enrolled each team around lean and created together with them a clear company vision for the future to support the production's growth. The first action was to have a clear view of the current situation by introducing daily production meetings and a visual production board to follow daily containment actions plan to reduce the firefighting actions. Then the second action was to define a strategic plan to lean production and all services around to support it, including material logistics, suppliers, and quality processes. Part of this plan was to introduce and teach lean at each level of the organization and to our main suppliers to sustain changes. 

Thanks to my motivation and my contagious passion for "change for the better", I could enroll the whole organization to improve processes to support the increasing client demand. In parallel, I was part of the integration team to make sure that all actions pending were closed. Finally, l led the project of new European Center creation for T-cell therapy for 200 employees. My main action was to collect all internal department requirements to determine the best building design with an architect engineering company, with optimization of the flows for R&D activities, in production in multi-flexible cleaning rooms and the client visits experience onsite.     

Client's feedback ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Martijn Westberg (General Manager Cytiva)

I worked with Muriel at the Cytiva facility in Eysins, Switzerland, at a time when we were going through significant business growth and were right-sizing our supply chain to match. Muriel successfully led the value stream mapping and lean work to determine the most efficient layout of our manufacturing area, change that lead to both significant manufacturing output and increased flexibility in our operations, which was both a new way of working for the team involved, as well as a difficult implementation given the limited space available.

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Lean-to satisfy customers' demand

Develop a strategic plan to improve OTD, reduce inventory, improve productivity

GE Energy - Service Centre - Netherlands 

I have reviewed the value stream of maintenance processes to identify the main factors impacting the maintenance cycle time and the OTD using six sigma. After identifying the key factors, I have initiated changing the material flow internally and to our external suppliers. Wastes along the processes have been removed and the total cycle time has been improved by 10% supporting getting a 100% OTD. The consequence was a costs reduction of the material stocks for more than 100k euros per year. I have introduced the gamba walks and the Kaizen Agile team through the service centre promoting collaboration around innovation through all departments. I have managed the local projects database and mentored projects leaders till the implementation of sustained solutions. I have shared our best practices with our supplier's black belts or lean leaders. I have created shared lean events with the KLM service center and other lean focus companies in the Netherlands.

Client's feedback ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Andre Borghans Supply Chain Manager Marel Poultry

Worked over 2 years with Muriel as being black belt in our services organization. Muriel led and supported several lean action work outs as well simple lean projects in a very structured manner. She always kept the group focused on the mean goal of the exercise without pointing in a direction. Muriel is open to different opinions meanwhile keeping the project tasks ongoing. During this period, she looked for best practices in other companies to apply to our organization. As a black belt, Muriel has supervised many employees to be successful in achieving their greenbelt certification. All these projects have made a difference in productivity or effectiveness to our organization.  

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Coach & Focus  team  on learning

Teach, coach and mentor site leadership teams

Energy - Europe / Healthcare - Japan

I have restored confidence within teams during transition time (manager in sick leave for burn-out, managers transition, dis-functional team). With my organisation skills together with my listening skill, I am driven by setting up teams back on track to continue to serve end customers and refocus on the future with positive perspectives. I also trained diverse teams on lean six sigma and agile. I shared my knowledge and gave green belt training classrooms to more than 100 GE employees and mentored their projects till certification completion. I have trained plan managers with my passion for lean at the GE lean academy centre based in Tokyo. My lean six sigma training include practicals on the shop floor and implementation of standards using diverse frameworks for production lines, material flow and maintenance as an example. I have implemented an agile team to restore standards during the challenging period and implement agile to restore collaboration in teams working in silos. I am enthusiastic to coach individuals growing to their next role. I have coached team leaders on the production level and as well as site leaders.

Client's feedback ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
James Horton Excellence Manager / Alstom

Muriel has a mastery of working with teams to achieve great business results, especially with noticing how to encourage and to coach in confidence. In addition to her expertise in teaching and applying lean six sigma methodology, Muriel tries to see the bigger picture with a more medium to the longer-term horizon, seeing to it that everything is going well from a future sustainability perspective. From an individual position her real strength is in transferring knowledge and learning. As a lifelong learner Muriel always embraces new ideas and future technologies. A delight to work with and a terrific talent for any organization 

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