Transition manager

  • Flexibility to adapt and work with new teams under pressure
  • Re-establish confidence in the teams facing new challenges
  • Bring structure into daily activities to stop fire-fighting
  • Simplify existing processes 
  • Implement standard processes
  • Re-align the team's objectives to clients & organization's vision
  • Encourage collaboration using agile crossed departments, sharing skills, collaborating in project teams.
  • Coach team members, identify talents and support individuals' personal growth

I have the flexibility and resourcefulness in adapting to change, new situations and teams. I bring structure into the daily activities if this is needed. My lean thinking and experience allow me to successfully simplify existing processes while formalizing them through the standardization of improved practices. With my goal-driven ability, I align team objectives to customer satisfaction and organization's vision. I energize and coach with confidence teams and individuals to their full potential.

Operations excellence leader

  • Offering 4 Programs for tactical supply chain transformation
  • Investigate the current situation to identify day-to-day recurrent issues, such as defects, late orders, and extra costs and identify productivity opportunities
  • Develop a road map and lead a strategic plan deployment based on customized digital programs
  • Engage teams to work methodically using agile, six sigma, and lean programs
  • Mentor projects leader till timely sustainable changes implementation 
  • Capture and communication opportunities at all levels
  • Leverage solutions cross organization
  • Implement sustainable solutions supported by a digital solution to track and trend critical processes metrics.

I lead and engage R&D engineers, and production and supply chain teams to work methodically and strategically to improve their performance with my excellent communication skills. I capture and communicate continuous improvement opportunities focusing on cost reduction at all levels, promoting solution leverage across the organization. I offer leadership teams a scan of the current situation to create a high-level roadmap according to the organisation's objectives including the implementation of continuous improvement programs.


Lean Implementation leader

  • Elaborate and implement the agile deployment plan
  • Re-empower teams in transition
  • Promote agile collaboration in team and cross-organization to leverage skills between teams
  • Identify and promote talents
  • Mentor projects till timely sustainable changes implementation
  • Share knowledge by teaching theoretically and practically lean six sigma tools
  • Mentor kaizen teams, black belts, lean and agile leaders 

I bring my full energy and high motivation to teams to learn, experience and implement agile scrum practices. They are then able to collaborate and move on to new complex situations, to complete projects in a timely manner in line with the organization strategy.

I bring knowledge and experience in the use of sustainable change tools and practices.