Kopie van It is contagious


We started with a 5S training for shopfloor teams... and small changes to make with a team new to Lean or any other CI method.

After almost 1 year...

5S gamba walks are every day.

The team comes up with new ideas each time I meet them.

Team leaders want to be trained on lean!


Lean manufacturing is to empower teams and individuals, which means that you enable and encourage people to take ownership, responsibility, and initiative in their work. Empowered teams and individuals are more engaged, motivated, and creative, and can respond faster and better to customer needs and changes. You can use tools such as 5S, visual management and suggestion systems to empower teams and individuals and foster a culture of collaboration, communication, and innovation.

And it works! 

If you like to know about Lean best practices for operations and visit sites fully Lean based in the Netherlands, contact me via: muriel@castex-consulting.nl