en-Tips to reach your teams goal


Plan is made, it works for one month and then... 

...we come back to work like in the "old days"? 


The main critical step during change is to "stick to it". 🎯

Think about our new year resolutions, like going to the gym 3 times per week. The first week, a plan is followed, the second month starts to be more like 2 times a week. A few months later, ...only once when we have time.

Most teams struggle with "Stick to plan" step as well

4 tips to succeed with change:

✅Get your stakeholders and teams engaged with a clear and agreed timeline

✅Weekly report to Management Team on progress and inform of any "blocks or any delay"

✅ Ask for support if needed to remove obstacles

✅ Sustain the changes with visual tools (digital KPI's, projects dashboard, digital gemba checklists, ...etc).

Here is a software to support project timeline:


More support to accelerate change with your teams, let's plan a call together 🙋‍♀️