­čÄ»Continuous improvement expert and team coach

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt & Agile Scrum leader

Certified Lean Master Black Belt by GE Lean Academy Tokyo

Using my strong communication skills to share my knowledge and experience in lean six sigma & agile tools make me thrive and sharing practices at multiple levels within a matrix organization drives me in my work. I find the structure given by the six-sigma method suitable for complex projects by using statistical methods to implement only the best-proven solutions and guarantee sustainability by implementing the right control plan. I am a positive motivator and a well-structured mentor in my support to the project leader for a successful timely implementation. 

I possess excellent project management skills to capture and promote continuous improvement opportunities at all levels within complex sites structure through the use of sustainable lean six sigma and agile scrum methodologies. In doing so, I ensure safe and timely delivery in line with the organization's strategy.

I have implemented agile teams that have supported the entire site during its transformation. The agile team then becomes the pivot to support new projects and empowers the whole group across departments. It brings visibility and a structural framework from project definition to change implementation. I have also created an agile team in case of crises, such as a production line stopped for quality issues. I found that it was the perfect set-up to find the solutions and start production in a short period of time in conformance with all quality requirements.

Being a clear-minded, and experienced change leader, I use the appropriate tools from lean, six sigma and agile depending on the task complexity, and offer the team to successful reaches their goals in a timely fashion.

 Experienced Operations manager

 Lead and coach operational organizations through changes in confidence

  CRR Global coach certification - Amsterdam the Netherlands

Engineer degree as a qualification, I have led very diverse teams: engineers' teams, back-office teams, supply chains teams and manufacturing operations teams. I use my communication skills, energy and positive attitude to lead and engage teams to be successful. My excellent influencing skills are supporting the best collaboration and challenging ideas within a matrix organization. My entrepreneurial mindset drives me to design innovative solutions to organizations, and complex engineering, production or supply chain challenges.  

I coach teams and successfully go through complex transformation with teams. Sparking teams to transform their processes thrives me. I am thinking out of the box to challenge the status quo and remove blockages.  I am focusing on simply the existing way of working. I am motivated by seeing the team's satisfaction increase, getting to its best potential by focusing on the valuable activities for the end customers (stopping firefighting) and getting enthusiasm around new ideas implementation.

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